We’ll Find You The Perfect Space

Avalon Real Estate will go above and beyond ANY property management company to get your property rented. Where is the first place a potential tenant will look to rent a property? YOU GOT IT… ONLINE! We will use our online technical expertise to get your property visible to the right tenant at the right time! Our website will feed your listing to some of the top rental websites around, for example:

Why should I choose Avalon Real Estate?

Avalon Real Estate is one of a very few “Full-Service” property management companies in Hampton Roads Virginia. Most of our competitors are Brokerages that have agents that dabble in property management, this is not our structure. All of our Licensed Agents are full-time property managers who have no interest in re-sale. We focus on Property Management and always will, this allows us to give the Owner and Tenant the best property management experience.

What are the fees Avalon Real Estate will charge me?

Here are our fees… Avalon Real Estate has the most simplistic and cost-effective fee structure in the marketplace. For multiplexes and multi-family units, please contact us so we can provide you a custom quote. For all other single-family homes, town homes, and condos, we have a motto that we use.. “We don’t get paid until the owner gets paid”. Why should you pay us for a job we have not done yet? Our job is to find you a quality tenant and ensure that tenant is happy with the move in process. At this time the owner will pay a small leasing fee, this fee is in stark contrast to all of our competitors that collect 80%-100% leasing fee which equates to them taking All of the first month’s rent up front and then collecting that fee every time a new lease is signed on your behalf. Secondly, our monthly management fee to manage your property 24x7x365 is a small percentage of the gross rents collected. That percentage is a number you will find to be standard nationwide. But we take it a step further! For being a loyal customer Avalon Real Estate will deduct a percentage point each year for the first 3 years of management from the management fee! Wow!! Can your current PM do that? WE THINK NOT!

Who determines the rental amount for my property?

Ultimately, the market determines the rental amount for your property and it is our job to provide you with good, reliable comparable market information regarding market rent rates. As such, we will always recommend market pricing to you but we allow our clients to choose the price point.

Each property is different and this is why Avalon Real Estate has a tailor made approach when it comes to management services for owners or investors. Personal management services can be provided with a number of different options to fulfill the needs of the client. As an investor in real estate, a professional management company is a must.

Avalon Real Estate will act on behalf of the owner or investor as Managing Agent for the property.As such, Avalon Real Estate would be responsible for collection of rents, contracting for repairs and general upkeep of the property.As the owner’s agent, we would have the authority to sign leases, lease renewals, sales agreements, as well as have the Lessor power of eviction, should such action be necessary. We would prepare and execute all “Leases”, Lease Options” “Renewals” “Eviction Notices” and “Notices to Pay Rent or Quit”, to act as Attorney-in-fact in any landlord/tenant actions (with counsel as required by state or local stature). As Agent we interact with the city department for compliance with all of the code requirements.

Avalon Real Estate Virginia Beach Headquarters will maintain complete maintenance and financial records on the property for tax purposes and monthly statements of all transactions will be available through our online portal. Owners will have access to our online portal which allows you to view statements, pull reports, download important documents such as Lease agreements and management agreements etc. Security Deposits are held in accordance with the Virginia Landlord and Tenant Act in an Escrow Account commingled with other security deposits.

Avalon Real Estate is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency calls and is staffed with qualified personnel to respond to tenants. We do not employ maintenance personnel, We feel that this relationship is a direct conflict of interest to our management responsibilities. All maintenance personnel are insured, bonded, Class A-C licensed independent contractors which keeps our relationship to the owner a true fiduciary. No markups or extra charges are ever added to maintenance invoices.